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Mobile Phone Download FAQ

The Basics

What is a Ringtone?

Ringtones are digital files that let you customize the sound your phone makes when you receive a call.

Is my carrier one that you support?

We currently support AT&T Wireless Services, Cingular, Sprint, and T-Mobile USA. If you're a Verizon customer or another carrier we unfortunately do not support your carrier at this time.

Are these available in other countries?

Currently this mobile content is only available in the U.S.

Mobile Phone model Details

How do I know what phone model I have?

If you're not sure what type of phone you have, look for the manufacturer and model number under the battery or check your User Manual or documentation on your carrier's website for more details.

Is my cell phone compatible with ringtones?

To download ringtones and images, your cell phone must be text- and Internet-enabled offered in your subscription plan (T-Zone, M-mode, Vision, etc.). Check your phone's capability in your User Manual or documentation on your carrier's website for more details.

Using Ringtones and Images

How do I begin to use my new ringtone or image?

Every model of phone is unique. If you are having trouble accessing your new downloads, you should refer to your phone model User Manual or visit your carrier's website.

Can I transfer existing ringtones or images from my current phone to another phone?

Unfortunately downloaded selections cannot be transferred from one phone to another.

Can I assign a specific ringtone or image to phone numbers stored in my phonebook?

You can assign ringtones and images to callers in your phonebook on some phones. Check your User Manual for more information.

How many ringtones or images can my phone store?

Storage varies based on your specific phone model. Find out your phone's storage capacity by referencing the User Manual.

If your phone's storage capacity is full and you begin to download another item, you will be asked if you want to delete one of the previous downloaded items stored in your phone. Once you delete a ringtone or image, it will be permanently removed from your phone and you'll need to re-download it.

How do I delete content from my phone?

Every model of phone is unique. You should refer to your User Manual for details on deleting ringtones or images from your cell phone.

Can I send my cool new ringtone or image to all of my friends once I've downloaded it?

No. A ringtone or image can only be downloaded to a single phone model. You can send text messages to friends that invite them to the ringtone website to listen to a certain ringtone or view a special graphic. You are expressly prohibited from transmitting, distributing, reproducing and modifying any ringtone or image downloaded.


How do I pay for my new ringtone or image?

The ringtones and wallpaper on this site are no charge downloads courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment America. Other carrier fees may apply based on your cell phone carrier and service plan. NOTE: Pre-paid cellular plans ARE NOT supported at this time.


What if I can't preview the ringtones?

You will need a sound card and a Flash-enabled browser to preview the ringtones. If you need to download Flash, you can take care of that here.

What if my selection didn't download successfully?

First, make sure your phone is on and within the service area. Next, make sure that your phone is text AND Internet capable.

If all else fails, who do I contact and how?

If you experience any problems or would like send us comments, please feel free to contact Eiko Media at