Headset Companion App – Visual Walkthrough


The PlayStation® Gold and PULSE Elite Wireless Headsets offer access to custom audio modes via the Headset Companion App. These modes have been created for a range of titles and genres and are designed to enhance the audio in your favorite games. To download custom modes as well as create and modify your own audio profiles*, follow these simple steps:


Go to the PlayStation® Store and search for the Headset Companion App. You can also find it in the “Apps” section of the store.


Download the app from the PlayStation® store for free!

Headset Companion App
PlayStation® Headset Companion App

Once the app has been downloaded, it will live on your home screen on PS4™ and in the Games section of the XMB on PS3™.


Plug your headset into your system using the included USB cable.

PlayStation® Headset
Headset Companion App - PlayStation®

Select your headset within the Headset Companion App.


For the PlayStation® Gold:
Choose the mode you would like to download to your headset and press "X".

You can also customize and download your own EQ settings for the PlayStation® Gold Wireless Headset here by selecting one the tiles titled "CUSTOM" and pressing the triangle button.

PlayStation® Gold Wireless Headset
Download Headset Companion App

Press "X" again to finish the download. The selected mode will now be available on your headset’s setting 2.


For the PULSE Elite:
You can select up to six custom audio modes to download to your headset with "X". Your active modes will appear in the left column and can be accessed by pressing the "Mode" button on your headset. An audio cue will let you know which audio mode you have selected.

PlayStation® App

*personalized EQs are only available on the PlayStation® Gold Wireless Headset.