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Quake 3 Revolution



Quake 3 Revolution

Quake 3 Revolution Overview

Nailing that once-in-a-lifetime, pinpoint-accurate, perfectly timed frag in Quake. Priceless. There's nothing quite like the rush of a Quake war, and if it's a rush you're looking for, be prepared for a mainline adrenaline overload with Quake 3 Revolution. Everything from the killer PC addiction of Quake is now on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system--the graphics are super-sweet, the sound is thundering, and the frag count is cranked up. Electronic Arts has committed to giving Quake fans all they can handle with the PlayStation version, and all of the official MODs, character skins, and extra levels are intact--this is Quake 3 Team Arena, and them some. And what would Quake be without other players to level off on? Quake 3 Revolution’s four-player battle mode is everything you'd expect from this kind of furious combat against a few friends.

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Quake 3 Revolution
  • Genre: Shooter, First Person Shooter
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.
  • Available Platform: PS2™
  • Release Date: 03.31.2001
  • Players: 1
  • Max Online Players: 0
  • 3D Compatible: No
  • Mature Violence
    Blood and Gore

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