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Lucifer Ring



Lucifer Ring

Lucifer Ring Overview

Grab your long sword and get ready to conquer mythical monsters of epic proportions! Similar to the classic Golden Axe, Lucifer Ring is an import 3D side-scrolling fighting game that pits daring hero Cue Nash against an evil skeleton antagonist with multiple forms of evil at his disposal. Presented with flashy anime story sequences, this rare bash-em-up is headlined with numerous elemental spells, potions and a rich combo system that will please any brave gamer.

The simplistic controls will have players button mashing their way through hordes of enemies and dynamic boss sequences in giant 3D environments. Large demons, mutated trees, and fire-breathing dragons are just some of the hurdles that players must face, utilizing strategic thinking in handling each creeping opponent one by one.

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Lucifer Ring
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: MonkeyPaw Games
  • Available Platform: PS3™, PSP®, PSVita
  • Release Date: 01.21.2014
  • Players:
  • Max Online Players: 0
  • 3D Compatible: No
  • Ratingpending

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