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Life of Pixel



Life of Pixel

Life of Pixel Overview

Life of Pixel – a platform adventure.
“Pixel was a little green pixel who was tired of being part of the crowd. Pixel wanted to see more…
Pixel found a World of Retro joy! It was time to find out about his background…
A time when the humble Pixel ruled!”
Explore classic gaming machines such as Atari 2600, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, BBC Model B, Nintendo Gameboy & NES.

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Life of Pixel
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Super Icon Ltd
  • Available Platform: PlayStation®Mobile
  • Release Date: 01.08.2013
  • Players: 1
  • Max Online Players: 0
  • 3D Compatible: No
  • Everyone Mild Fantasy Violence

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