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Eufloria Overview

Welcome to "Eufloria"; an addictive ambient game of space exploration and conquest, plant growth and bio mechanical evolution.

Explore a beautifully realized universe rendered in a style that is unique and compelling. Eufloria's aesthetics are reminiscent of children's books like "the little prince" and underscored by several hours of original ambient music.

Conquer asteroids in deep space and use their resources to literally grow and nurture semi-organic plants and creatures to do your bidding. Find mysterious hidden artifacts!

Play against AI opponents that all vie for the same resources and offer fierce opposition. The game is mostly procedurally generated, so each play session is different!

Eufloria offers hours of deep engrossing gameplay by giving you (among other things)

  • A lengthy campaign mode with many hours of gameplay
  • "Arena Levels" for skirmishes
  • "Dark Matter Mode" for a stylish more challenging way to play
  • "Chilled" mode, for a more ambient experience.

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  • Genre: Strategy, Real-Time Strategy, Action, Tactical
  • Publisher: Omni Systems Limited
  • Available Platform: PS3™
  • Release Date: 10.03.2011
  • Everyone Mild Fantasy Violence

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