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Armored Core: Silent Line



Armored Core: Silent Line

Armored Core: Silent Line Overview

In Armored Core Silent Line Portable, the players can build their own mechas with over 450 mecha parts to choose from,including popular parts from the previous games in the series, and try to complete various missions.
The Ad-hoc function allows up to 4 players to play the game together and the controls are 100% customizable. The AI training feature is back as well. Moreover, the game data can be installed to reduce the loading time.
The game save from Armored Core 3 Portable can be carried over to this game. Everything is enhanced compared to AC3 Portable and the original PS2 version of the game.

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Armored Core: Silent Line
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: From Soft
  • Available Platform: PSP®, PSVita
  • Release Date: 02.04.2010
  • Players: 1
  • Max Online Players: 0
  • 3D Compatible: No
  • Teen Violence

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Armored Core: Silent Line 4.0stars based on 1 reviews