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Warhawk™ Fallen Star Pack

  • Platform:PS3™
Warhawk™ Fallen Star Pack

Warhawk™ Fallen Star Pack Overview

Download the Warhawk™ "Operation: Fallen Star" Booster Pack today!

Warhawk™ gameplay is transformed as infantry take flight at the capital ship wreckage of Tau Crater!

"Operation: Fallen Star" further expands the award winning game Warhawk™ by introducing the Icarus Mk.1 Troop Rocket Pack and the remote, forested Tau Crater battlefield – the crash site of an experimental Chernovan Capital ship.

"Operation: Fallen Star" includes 11 new layouts for the new Tau Crater battlefield as well as a staggering 30 updated layouts from the original game that now include the nimble and deadly Icarus Mk.1 Rocket Pack! With the Icarus you can perform jump assaults on enemy bases, use the booster feature to send your solider skyward at eye-blistering speeds, or bail out of an aircraft and live to fight another day!

Warhawk™ is now available on the PLAYSTATION®Store and on Blu-ray Disc™ for $29.99.

Warhawk is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. © 2007 Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

"Blu-ray Disc" and "Blu-ray Disc" logo are trademarks.

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Warhawk™ Fallen Star Pack
  • Genre:
  • Provider: Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Available Platform: PS3™
  • Release Date: 08.2008
  • Players: 2-32
  • Max Online Players: