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October 19 2006



Oct. 19, 2006


Online Platform, Downloadable Content and Peripherals Also Revealed

FOSTER CITY, Calif., October 19, 2006 –  Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) today announced its debut game titles and unveiled the online strategy for its highly anticipated PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) system, the company’s groundbreaking computer entertainment system which will be available in North America on November 17, 2006.

More than 20 first- and third-party PS3™ titles will be available through the holidays, resulting in the most robust software line-up ever offered by a new console at launch. The launch catalog encompasses the most popular game genres, featuring industry leading franchises as well as new intellectual properties to be released exclusively on PS3™, with most titles expected to retail under $60.  

“Our line-up of PS3™ games that will be available through the holidays is unprecedented in terms of volume, variety and innovation, surpassing any previous competitive launch catalog and even our own original offerings for other PlayStation® platforms,” said Kaz Hirai, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America.  “We are pioneering a new era of true next-generation gaming through such titles as Resistance: Fall of Man™, a visually arresting game that takes advantage of the large storage capacity and exceptional visual clarity offered by Blu-ray Disc™ (BD); and NBA 07, running at full 1080p for the highest resolution image possible, creating hyper-realistic characters and gameplay never seen before.”

The List of Launch Window Titles Includes:

SCEA Launch Titles

Resistance: Fall of Man™
NBA 07
Genji: Days of the Blade™

Third Party Publisher Titles*

Blazing Angels™ Squadrons of WWII            Ubisoft
Call of Duty®3                                               Activision
EA Sports™ Fight Night Round 3                   Electronic Arts           
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion                         Bethesda Softworks
F.E.A.R.™                                                     Vivendi Universal Games      
Full Auto™2:  Battlelines                                Sega
Madden NFL™ 07                                           Electronic Arts           
MARVEL™:ULTIMATE ALLIANCE™                 Activision
Mobile Suit Gundam®: CROSSFIRE™            NAMCO BANDAI Games
NBA 2K7                                                          2K Sports       
Need For Speed™ Carbon                              Electronic Arts
NHL® 2K7                                                       2K Sports       
RIDGE RACER® 7                                           NAMCO BANDAI Games
Sonic the Hedgehog                                        Sega   
Tiger Woods PGA Tour® 07                            Electronic Arts
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Vegas                 Ubisoft           
Tony Hawk’s Project 8™                                  Activision
Untold Legends™ Dark Kingdom™                   Sony Online Entertainment

PLAYSTATION® Network Offers Unrestrained Community and Creativity

In addition to a wide array of software titles, SCEA today also unveiled the online and network services provided through PS3™, which will offer distinctive benefits to consumers and developers alike.  Consumers will be able to enjoy a wide array of PS3™ network capabilities, with basic features offered absolutely free from day one.  Developers will benefit from the open platform policy of SCEA, which will allow them more freedom and creativity in the development of their games and online/network services.  The end result will be more than just a place to play games, but a rich online environment with strong community aspects as distinctive as the titles themselves.

The entry way into PLAYSTATION Network™ is XMB™ (Xross Media Bar), which is the navigation system that enables a complete suite of entertainment experiences in three key areas:  gaming; network and web connectivity; and other entertainment contents such as movies and music.  The intuitive XMB interface, which is already featured on more than 20 million PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) shipped worldwide, allows PS3™ users to experience multiplayer games across the network; communicate with other players via chat, voice or video; browse the web; download gaming content; store/view pictures and video; download and listen to music; and shop online.

Through the online PLAYSTATION® Store, consumers can find such items as game demos, game-related content and downloadable casual games, including titles developed by Sony Computer Entertainment World Wide Studios exclusively for download and play only on PS3™, such as Blast Factor.  Once users create a unique, secure PlayStation profile, they cannot only communicate with other PS3™ users, they can also utilize an electronic wallet to purchase content in the PLAYSTATION Store.  Downloadable first party games will cost less than $15 at launch.  More content will be added on a regular basis.

Peripherals to Accompany Comprehensive PS3™ Package

PS3™ is an incredible value for the consumer and comes standard with advanced technologies, such as the Cell Broadband Engine™, built-in BD player, internal hard disk drive (HDD), HDMI output standard*, Wireless Controller (SIXAXIS™) and network capability – everything required to start enjoying the PS3™ right out of the box.  SCEA offers a 20GB HDD PS3™ system for $499 and a 60GB HDD unit for $599, which includes built-in Wi-Fi connectivity (60GB HDD model only).  To further highlight the power of PS3’s BD player, the Company also announced today that packed in with the first half million PS3™ systems shipped in North America will be one of this summer’s biggest blockbuster hits from Sony Pictures Entertainment, “Talladega Nights:  The Ballad of Ricky Bobby,” starring Will Farrell.  “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” will be sold separately in stores nationwide beginning December 12, 2006.

"As the industry leader, SCEA has always offered comprehensive entertainment systems that stand the test of time," said Kaz Hirai.  "The PS3™ system features technologies that are truly next-generation.  With so much packed into our system, we're confident that the PS3™ will be just as 'future-proof' as our other PlayStation products, allowing consumers to enjoy a myriad of digital entertainment content for many years to come."

Beyond the standard PS3™ system package, SCEA also announced today the roster of peripherals that will accompany the arrival of PS3™.  The peripherals that will be available in North America on day one will include separately sold Wireless Controller (SIXAXIS), available for $49.99, a Memory Card Adaptor for transferring game save information from PlayStation® and PlayStation®2 Memory Cards onto the HDD of PS3™ for $14.99, and coming soon, a BD Remote Control for $24.99.

About Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. continues to redefine the entertainment lifestyle with its PS one™ game console, PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, PSP®(PlayStation®Portable) handheld entertainment system and the upcoming, much-anticipated PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system.

Recognized as the undisputed industry leader, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. markets the PlayStation family of products and develops, publishes, markets and distributes software for PS one game console, PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and PSP™ handheld entertainment system for the North American market. Based in Foster City, Calif.  Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. serves as regional headquarters for all North American operations and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

*All game titles are trademarked by their respective owners. HDMI cable not included.  Additional equipment may be required to use the HDMI connector. Video output in HD requires cables and an HD-compatible display, both sold separately.  Use of the PLAYSTATION® Network is subject to terms of use:, and applicable privacy policy.  Children under 18 will require parental consent. Broadband internet service is required (sold separately). Some broadband services may not work with the PLAYSTATION® Network and performance may vary.  PLAYSTATION® Network may not be available in all regions and certain content or services may not be available to children under 13. Features and offerings of the PLAYSTATION® Network may change without notice.  For more information, please visit

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