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May 03 2005



May 3, 2005


Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee™ Features All New Golfers, Courses and Wireless Gaming

FOSTER CITY, Calif., May 3, 2005 – Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today the release of Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee™, available exclusively for the PSP™ (PlayStation® Portable) entertainment system. Developed by Clap Hanz, in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment America's Santa Monica Studios, Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee returns as the fifth installment of the blockbuster multimillion-unit-selling Hot Shots Golf® franchise for the PS one™ console and PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Featuring all new courses and characters supported with additional game modes, including wireless connectivity through Ad Hoc, Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee preserves the familiarity of the franchise, while providing unique portable golf gaming entertainment.

"The Hot Shots Golf franchise has been a popular staple for both PS one and PlayStation 2 over the years and we are pleased to bring this familiar gameplay experience to the PlayStation Portable," said Allan Becker, director, product development, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Santa Monica Studios. "With all-new features, including the availability of wireless gaming and a new putting challenge feature, Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee is a unique golfing experience for when you are on-the-go, whether it be for five minutes or an hour."

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee offers fans of the franchise all the golf action they have come to love, including breathtaking graphics, spectacular lighting effects, dramatic camera angles and true-to-life golf physics. In addition to new courses and the availability of 10 new characters and five new caddies, Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee provides a robust character customization feature that includes over 250 customizable body parts, accessories, clubs, and balls. During gameplay, players can customize golfers from head to toe with a wild mix of hairstyles, hats, outfits and accessories. Also, players can upgrade their golf clubs and golf balls that will allow for longer shots, impressive control or deadly accuracy. In addition, as virtual golfers spend more time on the greens, they will improve their character's experience and abilities.

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee features three types of game modes: Single - player, Multi-player and Training modes. In "Single - player mode," players can golf in "Stroke Play" mode to play traditional golf on any available course, as well as the "Challenge mode," which offers players the opportunity to compete in a regular season filled with tournaments and the ability to unlock various characters and items. In "Multi-player mode," players can take the competition to a new level by connecting with up to eight players through wireless connectivity via Ad Hoc and play either head-to-head, in a real-time tournament or in the putting challenge. The all-new "Putting Challenge" allows a player to golf on greens of the available courses and compete in putting challenges against the CPU or a friend via wireless connectivity through Ad Hoc mode. In the "Training mode," players can practice all golf disciplines on select courses.

The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has rated Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee an "E 10+" for "Everyone, ages 10 and up." For more information about the ERSB visit

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