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May 11 2004



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Sequel to Highly Acclaimed The Mark of Kri� Offers Gamers Dramatic, Artistic Style Gameplay Combined with Online, Collaborative Combat

LOS ANGELES, May 11, 2004 – Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today that Rise of the Kasai, the sequel to the critically acclaimed The Mark of Kri™, will return exclusively for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system in the first quarter of 2005. Developed by Bottlerocket Entertainment Inc., Rise of the Kasai will be unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2004, and takes the proprietary combat system to new heights with collaborative and online gameplay coupled with the familiar, striking artistic presentation. As a single or two-player game, players will reunite with both old and new characters and battle the denizens of more than 10 worlds to learn the origins of the Kasai, the Kri mark, and of other spells that now threaten the land.

“We are delighted to continue our relationship with the core team from the original game at Bottlerocket Entertainment Inc. for Rise of the Kasai,” said Ami Blaire, director, product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. “The intense and innovative combat system combined with the distinctive art style and an inventive cooperative gameplay experience will surely deliver an awe-inspiring and fully immersive adventure.”

Rise of the Kasai presents a new and innovative approach to fighting adventure games. With the unique collaborative combat system in two-player mode, gamers can strategize together, deciding how best to attack enemies in each situation and determine if using a stealth approach, deadly weapons, or a combination will garner the most carnage without being noticed. In single-player, one character will be controlled by artificial intelligence and will naturally execute the best combat tactics, while the human player must study the fighting scenario to determine how to succeed, as both the computer and player work together to reach a common goal of defeating all enemies in their paths. The level can then be replayed as the opposite character, enabling players to experience all aspects of the game and perfect fighting techniques. Using the right analog stick, up to nine opponents in the player’s immediate proximity range can be attacked by using the right analog stick to lock onto the targets and assign specific or multiple face buttons to erupt lethal combos.

“At the foundation of Rise of the Kasai is our unique combat system, but this time, gamers will be able to experience it in a whole new way with online and multiplayer options,” said Jonathan Beard, president of Bottlerocket Entertainment Inc. “We have leveraged our individual experiences in animation and game development to make Rise of the Kasai larger and more dynamic than The Mark of Kri. Multiple forms of entertainment including animation, gaming, and online play have been brought together into one complete package for PlayStation 2.”

The editorial community is already heralding the anticipation of the franchise continuing on PlayStation 2 with naming the sequel to The Mark of Kri as one of the most anticipated “Games of 2004” even before confirmation of Rise of the Kasai was announced. At its release, The Mark of Kri was honored with “Editors Choice” awards from, Electronic Gaming Monthly and PSE2 and was later declared the winner in the category of Animation for “The Best Looking Games on PS2” and “Action Game of the Year” (2002) by

The main hero, Rau, and his trusted guide and chronicler, Kuzo, return for the sequel along with new, stylized characters, including Tati, Rau’s younger sister who has her own weapons, abilities and purpose. With 10 captivating levels and numerous collaborative fighting stages, gamers will start the journey by playing through events that took place 10 years prior to the last game and then skip ahead to 10 years after The Mark of Kri where new marks have taken hold. Players can either assume the role of Rau, or Tati, each with their own deadly combos, unique animations and stealth tactics. Battling together through richly detailed 3D environments, they must discover the truth about the family’s dark secret and the origins of the Kasai.

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