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May 13 2003



Press Release - E3 GameDay 2004 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


New Graphics, Artificial Intelligence and Expanded Online Mode Featured in Franchise's Latest Release

LOS ANGELES, May 13, 2003 – Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today that NFL GameDay™ 2004 for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system will be available in stores this August. The latest version of this popular NFL football franchise from the 989 Sports® development team delivers exciting and authentic football action. Combining the true NFL intensity with all-new graphics and a deep Online Mode, NFL GameDay™ 2004 promises to kick off the season in proper football fashion for football fans of all ages. NFL GameDay 2004 looks and plays better than ever before with enhanced "motion blending" technology, allowing for seamless animation transitions which help capture the power and speed of the NFL. In addition, new player models were developed as each NFL player has been recreated in amazing detail to look exactly like his real life counterpart. Stadium models have also been greatly improved as new lighting and textures and interactive crowds have been applied to make the user feel truly part of the action.

Not only does NFL GameDay 2004 look like a Super Bowl champion, but the game offers incredible authenticity and unmatched excitement. Enhanced artificial intelligence has been implemented to make the computer "think" just like the pros. Both offensive and defensive players will read and react to different formations and pick up on the human opponent's tendencies. Furthermore, the playbooks were completely redesigned, allowing gamers the opportunity to run everything from the West Coast offense to the Zone Coverage defense.

"NFL GameDay 2004 delivers true-to-life gridiron action," said Ami Blaire, director, product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "With brilliantly realistic graphics, fluid gameplay, and a dynamically comprehensive Online Mode, football fans will be able to enjoy the complete NFL experience from every great hit to every touchdown celebration." This year's title includes new pressure sensitive controls, putting complete control of the game in the user's hands. Gamers will be forced to judge pursuit angles and use different special moves in an attempt to complete a successful play; therefore, the game's outcome is completely in the user's hands. These new controls will be evident in both offline and online play, as the enhanced Online Mode eliminates choppiness with online gameplay. Exciting additions to the Online Mode include user tournaments, buddy lists, mail, and sports ticker. An innovative design even allows users to tap into the lobby from a personal computer, giving NFL GameDay 2004 an extremely deep Online Mode.

The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rates NFL GameDay 2004 "RP" for "Rating Pending." For more information about the ESRB visit

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989 Sports® is the sports software brand of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. Known for its top-selling sports franchise titles such as NFL GameDay™, MLB™, NBA ShootOut, NHL FaceOff™, NCAA® Final Four® and NCAA® GameBreaker™, 989 Sports is committed to developing authentic and innovative sports games to appeal to both the professional athlete and hard-core sports videogame fan.

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