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Do I have to be enrolled in school to work at Sony Computer Entertainment America as an intern?
No. To qualify for an SCEA internship, you must either be a full-time student currently enrolled in a degree program or within one year of graduation.

Is there a required major?
No. All majors are encouraged to apply as long as their skill-set meets the needs of the opportunity.

I'm not an engineer. Is there an internship for me?
SCEA does hire interns from non-technical areas, including MBAs or undergraduates studying finance, marketing, media arts, or graphic design. Successful intern candidates from non-engineering fields usually have some technical knowledge or experience.

To what kinds of projects are Sony Computer Entertainment America interns assigned?
SCEA offers hands-on experience with real-world projects that will allow you to apply what you've learned in school, gain skill rapidly, and build your resume and portfolio. Though roles and responsibilities vary, interns are almost always assigned to small teams, where they work alongside experienced professionals.

Is this a paid internship?
Yes, SCEA offers competitive compensation for internships.

Does Sony Computer Entertainment America provide housing?
No. SCEA does not provide interns with housing. However, interns are given resources to find housing in the area.

Is there relocation assistance?
Depending on the proximity of the location of your residence in comparison to the location of your office, travel costs may be provided.

Which Sony Computer Entertainment America locations offer internships?
Internships at SCEA are offered in Foster City, CA; Santa Monica, CA or San Diego, CA.

At what times of the year does the Sony Computer Entertainment America intern program take place?
SCEA offers internships year round, typically lasting 12-16 weeks. However, the biggest intern class is hired during the summer months.

Does Sony Computer Entertainment America hire interns who are non-U.S. citizens?
Yes. We hire both U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Does Sony Computer Entertainment America have a dress code?
SCEA promotes creativity within the workplace. As long as your clothing, hairstyle, etc. aren't offensive to your co-workers, you are open to wear what you want.

How do junior and senior members of the staff interact with one another? Does the intern get opportunities to collaborate with them as well?
Everyone on a game team works together in the same area — regardless of level. Interns play a key role and typically have daily contact and collaboration with the entire team.

Are interns able to attend company events/parties?
Yes, interns are able to attend company functions and parties.

Are interns eligible for the employee discount on PlayStation® Products?
Yes, interns are eligible for employee discounts on PlayStation® products.

I am very interested in applying for an internship. How do I get started?
The single best way to get started is to attend an info session, career fair, or interview on your college or graduate school campus. Please check our Campus Events page to find out if we are coming to your school.

Sony Computer Entertainment America isn't coming to my school. What should I do?
We'd love to make it to every campus, but there just isn't enough time. We still want to hear from you. If we are not coming to your school, please apply online at keyword ‘Intern’ for our intern opportunities.