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PlayStation®2 (Model #SCPH-70011 and 70012) AC Adaptor Replacement Program

If your PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system is one of the models listed below, you may have an AC Adaptor that qualifies for replacement. Please contact Sony Computer Entertainment America Consumer Services at 1-888-780-7690 between 6AM - 8PM (PST) Monday - Saturday and 7AM - 6:30PM (PST) Sunday, and request to speak to a Technical Specialist to further qualify if your AC Adaptor is affected.

  • SCPH-70000
  • SCPH-70002
  • SCPH-70003
  • SCPH-70004
  • SCPH-70005
  • SCPH-70006
  • SCPH-70007

lease unplug and discontinue use of your PlayStation®2 AC Adaptor until you have verified whether your AC Adaptor is a part of this program with a Consumer Service Tech Specialist.